DJI’s new FPV ecosystem

DJI has just announced some really cool tech for drone enthusiasts and racers, and it comes in the form of their Digital FPV Ecosystem—DJI claims that this is the first system to feature low latency HD video transmission signal, and it looks like a possible game-changer.

The ecosystem will consist of FPV (first-person view) goggles, a camera that’s capable of HD transmission, and an “Air Unit” module that can essentially be attached to a variety of devices, including drones, of course. This is part of DJI’s promise that the kit is can be optimised to “FPV anything”, which certainly opens up multiple avenues for filmmakers and content creators.

DJI Digital FPV Ecosystem

“As the only digital video transmission solution on the market that performs at the same level as analog, even surpassing it in some aspects, we hope to set a new standard for digital FPV.”

What does make the DJI FPV system stand out is the fact that the system will utilise digital transmission technology, in contrast to analog transmissions that most other FPV goggles in the market use to ensure low-latency. As such, drone pilots using the DJI can view 720p footage at up to 120 fps via the goggles, with a latency of 28ms—the maximum range of the transmission is stated as 2.5 miles, or about 4km.

DJI FPV Ecosystem Kit

There are 2 ways to record footage while piloting a drone with the system. The first is to record footage directly onto the Air Unit, at a resolution of 1080p at 60 fps, or 720p at 120 fps. The other would be to record the footage onto the SD card with the goggles, although that would only be at a max of 720p at 60 fps. This doubles up as a safeguard in the event of a crash; you’ll at least have the location where your drone went down, so that you can locate it after.

There will be two configurations for the DJI Digital FPV Ecosystem: a “Fly More Combo” that retails for $929 (about RM3,859) and an “Experience Combo” that is available for $819 (about RM3,394)—you’ll get the remote controller with the “‘Fly More” variant. If you’re looking to buy a set, Dji’s official site doesn’t have a Malaysian section, but local retailer March is selling the Fly More Combo for RM3,880.

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