Unmanned Systems Asia 2019 Conference and Exhibition was held on April 9-11, 2019 with the official support of Association of Aerospace Industries, Singapore (AAIS), Co-located with Rotorcraft Asia, organized by Experia events at Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore. 

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The main agenda of the event was to cutting edge innovations in the industry’s growing markets, across a wide spectrum of commercial and defense applications in various domains (i.e. aerial, ground, surface and underwater domains).

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The event was focused on how the unmanned technologies are giving a new shape to all the industries. An open platform to discuss with the unmanned technologies industry experts on all the developing aspects, growth opportunities and also facing commercial and defense stakeholders in the unmanned systems market.

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This event also provided a stage for aspiring start-ups to come up with their ideas for growth and developments in the unmanned technology sector.  The conference had elaborated on “how the twin worlds of rotorcraft and unmanned technologies are coming together and revolutionizing the way we live, work and operate.”


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