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Amazon prime-air drone india

A first look at Amazon’s new delivery drone

For the first time, Amazon today showed off its newest fully electric delivery drone at its first re:Mars conference in Las Vegas. Chances are, it neither looks nor flies like...
DJI-FPV-Ecosystem-Kit Drone India

DJI’s new FPV system will allow for HD drone racing and filming

DJI has just announced some really cool tech for drone enthusiasts and racers, and it comes in the form of their Digital FPV Ecosystem—DJI claims that this is the first system...
DARPA Night-Vision-Electronic-Drone India

Mini-Drones to Night-Vision Phones: 5 Cool Military Tech Gadgets

ARLINGTON, Va. — Electronics that dissolve on the battlefield and tiny, hummingbird-size drones that perform aerial reconnaissance are just a few of the sophisticated technologies the U.S. military is developing these...
EHANG184-Passenger Drone India

Heads Up! Drones Will Fly People Around Dubai This Summer

ommercial drones just got a big upgrade: A fleet of passenger-carrying quadcopters could be flying around the city of Dubai by this summer, according to news reports. The city's new transportation option...
3D-Printed-Drone India

Jet-Propelled 3D-Printed Drone Claims Speed Record

A new jet-powered drone might be the most complex flying machine ever built using 3D printing. The drone, which made its debut at the Dubai Airshow earlier this month, looks nothing like...
Mindcontrol-Drone India

Mind Control Directs This Flying Drone

If a human thinks a command, a flying drone will obey. A Chinese team has shown how to control a quadrotor robot using brain signals alone as a futuristic twist on...
Drones India

Want to Use a Drone to Watch the Antares Rocket Launch? NASA Has Rules

Traditionally, the most frequent reasons for scrubbing rocket launches are technical problems and weather — and NASA would like your help keeping it that way. That's the takeaway message of a short...
Hovering-Drone India

Hovering Drone Grabs Spotlight with 6-Foot Arm

Look out humans — a robot floating in midair with a 6-foot arm now exists outside the realm of science fiction films like "Star Wars." The U.S. military recently tested a...
Robot-Dragonfly Drone India

Tiny ‘Robot Dragonfly’ Dodges Obstacles Midair, On Its Own

A small drone that resembles a robotic dragonfly is the first of its kind to be able to flap its wings and dodge obstacles midflight without a human operator at the...
Swarm-Drone India

Watch a Swarm of Drone ‘Lightning Bugs’ Swirl Overhead

A swarm of dazzling drones lit up the sky and swirled around in a twinkling, orchestrated dance at a TED2016 conference in February. The drones, which weigh no more than a slice...
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U.T.SEC – Summit for Drones, Unmanned Technologies & Security-2019

U.T.SEC – Summit for Drones, Unmanned Technologies & Security was held on March 6-7, 2019 at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany sponsored by Hubert...


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