Manage and operate a fleet of autonomous drones for physical security & surveillance of residential & industrial premises, civic facilities, high-value assets and humans.

Benefits of Drone Automation in Aerial Security

Having an electronic eye-in-the-sky is as close as it gets to a silver bullet for detection, recognition and deterrence in the security context. The ability to schedule, repeat and monitor autonomous missions, so that drone fleets can augment human security guards and fixed cameras, is a powerful force multiplier. Automation technologies are rapidly making a dent in the global security market, resulting in high-growth sub-segments such as video surveillance-as-a-service, robotic aerial security, drone surveillance systems, home & office surveillance drones, border security, etc.

Security Use Cases

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be deployed in a multitude of 24/7 security and surveillance use-cases – the pace of which is determined by the intensity of user/customer pain points. Drone patrols now augment human guards and enable security agencies, risk managers, security directors, system integrators and other stakeholders to make faster, better decisions for protecting humans, assets and premises.

Situational Awareness

Provide real-time information for optimal deployment of resources during security incidents.

Augmenting Guards

Improve the safety & productivity of human guards with a drone-first strategy.

Harsh Environments

Get image & video footage in harsh weather, unfriendly environments.


Use drones (with payloads such as beacons, warning lights, sirens) to deter unwanted persons.

Events & Activities

Support security directors of high-impact events eg. political rallies, marathons, music shows.

Track & Follow

Track intruders and follow them around in real-time to provide recon data to security forces.

Hostile Situations

Anti-terror, anti-piracy, anti-criminal, and riot control scenarios.

Blind Spots

Comprehensive coverage to overcome blind spots and immobility of CCTVs.

Hard-to-reach Locations

Roof-tops, offshore oil rigs, narrow and confined spaces, high altitudes.

FlytBase Security Solution Features

The FlytBase platform – with its IoT architecture – features intelligent plugins at the edge, APIs across the software stack, and autonomy at its core.

Live HD Video Feeds

Get real-time HD video feeds, with minimal latency, over 4G/LTE/5G networks and share video with multiple, third-party stakeholders.

Remote Telemetry, Control

Access live drone telemetry, enable subject-matter experts and operators to control the camera gimbal and direct the mission remotely.

Autonomous Flights

Plan & execute automated, repeatable drone missions with FlytBase drone autonomy platform, removing dependence on expensive pilots.


FlytBase’s precision landing technology enables drones to autonomously and accurately land on charging pads, for multi-hour drone operations.

Coordinated Fleets

UAV security missions can be quickly scaled across sites with a fleet of autonomous drones managed via a custom, unified dashboard.

Seamless Integration

Via seamless integration with existing security systems, drone mission operations are made available, in real-time, to all stakeholders.

Identification, Recognition

AI/ML algorithms and computer vision techniques to automatically detect and identify objects, animals, humans, equipment, premises and more.

Hardware Agnostic

Intelligent software that is compatible with all major drone hardware platforms such as DJI, Ardupilot, Yuneec, and PX4.

Software for Drone Security Operations

For always-on security and surveillance, FlytBase offers software that is hardware-agnostic, scalable and seamless to integrate. Autonomy and automation must, by design, be at the centre of drone deployments to truly capture the ‘faster, better, cheaper’ promise of UAV fleets for property surveillance. Coupled with reliable, off-the-shelf drones and cost-effective drone-in-a-box hardware, our intelligent software can immediately result in business benefits from cost savings, improved safety, better coverage and faster incident response.

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Credits: flybase


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